Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a nice weekend !


Is end of the month and pay day to most of us. It is time to take care our mental health.
Shops are full of gorgeous new things for spring. 
Take it from me, it comes cheaper!

My Style

1. CLOSED, Indigo Cotton Linen Blend Dandy Blazer,

2. DUNE, Dune Kick Jeans,

3. MASON BY MICHELLE MASON, Stretch-jersey maxi skirt,

4. ZOE KARSSEN, Bat cotton and modal-blend T-shirt,

5. BORSALINO, paper hat,

6. TOM BINNS, Swarovski crystal cameo earrings,

7. BCBGeneration, Kammie sandal,

8. SAMURDA, Flamingo clutch,

9. HENRY HOLLAND FOR LE SPECS, Muffin top black/smoke sunglasses,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Fun

It is only week to go and it´s Easter Time. Easter it is the beginning of real spring time here in Finland.
A week ago I already opened my Easter decor box and I found one very old, hand made, crochet chicken. I think this one piece is made by my grad aunt, and give me by my mother. Many Easters before, I have decided to make alike, and this time I succeeded.
This little chicken has a job to do also, it keeps the boiled egg warm for you.

I hope that the photo is enough clear, if you want to make some. I used cotton yarn, hook number 2,5 and beginning was 39 stitch.

If you like these little “warmer chickens”, you can mail me to order.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Nails

photo via:

This looks really cheery, to have three or four different shade of red on nails.
Tones that are near to each other but clearly different.
This works with any other color too. It must look fabulous made with blues.
I myself will test this certainly with tones of turquoise.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Grey, My New Love

One of my favorite color is the grey. There are so many lovely warm and cold shades of grey that it is truly colorful color.
Grey is excellent color to combine really with any other color from the color card.
There are certainly some colors witch are absolutely fabulous together with grey.
One of those colors is pink.
This spring, when neon colors are very much at front, neon pink is lot seen in interior decor element with grey.
Using neon shades of any color, must remember to use it only in few spots to make best effect.
Using softer shades of the pink, pinkish red or pink champagne, it´s not so challenging.
My next “color-love” in the interior decoration and also in the garderobe is definitely grey and I´m making plans to accomplish it.

Easiest way to add some pink is the neon pink tape. You can put the photos on the wall with it, or tape the edges of the shelf, also pillows are one easy way to add the color. If you like to print fabric, grey wool or linen lamp shades and pillows are just lovely with pink naive print.

To add some gray you can paint only one wall with it and chose little darker or lighter color to paint some of furniture. Make new upholstery to the armchair or buy a new throw.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I do love the new hair fashion, it´s colorful, messy and distinctive.
It looks even more effective now after long dark winter, when the sun is shining
and you can give off the warm beanie.
The new colors are so gentle, that there is no fear to make any damage to the hair.
You can even change the color for every day or two, because you can alternatively
use new hair make up colors witch can be washed away.
Here the most fabulous pastel world!


It is well-known, that all your spring and summer shoes, witch we have purchased may be year ago look dull,
even they are still in good shape and so nice to wear.
It is time to give some update, edge to the shoes and the help is found from nearest Craft Store: leather or plastic paint,
depending what is the material of the shoes.
We choose of course one or two of neon colors, also mirror silver and mirror gold look fabulous this spring when renewing.
Then we need only brush and imagination.

Here here some ideas!

On the other hand we can make real Shoe Art.
This take a little more time and lot more colors, but the result is fabulous.
On this spring flowers are most fashionable patterns in every garment also in shoes too.
I have collect here some of the most beautiful flower shoes to give you inspiration.

1. Shoe Art by Andy Warhol,
2. Help to design paterns,
3. Fabulous Art Shoes,
4. Flover shoes,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The Photo-Composites of Jim Kazanjian

Sometimes you see art works that wakes up your subconscious,
pictures that shake your imagination, and you feel that you have seen this maybe in dreams.
I felt like that when I saw Jim Kazanjian´s dark, ominous photographs.
This is art of claustrophobic, spatial impossibilities, dead suns, crumbling labyrinths and uncanny spaces.
The photo arts are re-comosition of about 50 photographs, witch in hand of artist have create wild and gloomy fantasy.

photo via:

photo via: 

photo via: 

photo via: 

photo via: 

When watching these art works, it seems that every time you see them differently, every time you find, assume something new.
They never give up.

Jim Kazanjian
Portland, Oregon, USA
MFA , the Art Center College of Design
BFA , Kansas City Art Institute

Pause ...

photo via: speaktostrangers

First I must apologize my absence.
Some times those unexpected occasions rush to our lives
and put a stop this this hasty life.
My stop was hospital and after that few days rest,
time to think and very needed time to let go every day routines.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring 2012 notes

Ever since the humankind lost his coat, he has borrowed the warm coat from natures other creatures. 
First the reason was to keep the warmth, but for a longer period of time the animal fur or skin wearing has start to reveal many other, more multifaceted things.
Always furs and animal skins have been sign of wealth and authority, after all they hunt or purchase has always demanded money, and power.
In particular, the reptiles and snakes leather has been symbol of magic, evil, femininity. Amusing is how femininity belongs to that group, but through the ages of women who use the snakeskin clothing is considered to be mean, mysterious and powerful.
Today fortunately, those meanings are blurred, and wearing leather clothing is not considered to be the more outlandish than the dress fabric clothing.
Mankind has driven many of the animals nearly to extinction, because of unlimited hunting. It is very good that has risen resistance against real furs and skins witch has led to the appearance of high-quality imitations.


photos via :dazeddigital

Snakeskin has been in fashion throughout history and from time to time displayed more strongly.
Already the autumn 2011 collections were displayed plenty of snake skin, it was widely shown in clothes and accessories. One of those collections was Prada.

photo via: elledecor

Even the interior stylists ware inspired and created some snake skin decoration products for the homes, of which here are a few samples presenter Elle Interior.

photos via: TommyTonBrownsnet-a-portermytheresaBarneysluisaviaroma

Autumn snake boom was just the beginning of a wider snake skin character of fashion, which is already visible in the streets.
So called “high street collections” have also affiliate this trend and it has taken a part on their collections.

photos via: TommyTonBrownsnet-a-portermytheresaBarneysluisaviaroma

In stores and in streets we can see plenty snakeskin prints in leisure wear, like t-shirts, trainers, jackets and specially in the jeans.
New issue is snake manicure witch I think looks rather fabulous.

Very beautiful snake skin prints are on light, sheer and transparent fabrics.
For the spring there is choice of lovely snake print, loose shirts, dresses and trousers in delicious color. 

For the coming spring and summer, collections have all shapes and sizes of bags made of snake skin printed leather or fake leather, combined with plain leather or fabric.
Variation of color is endless as it is in shoes too.

Women as well men in all ages have accept the snake skin. It is not considered to be as provocative as it use to be years ago.
You can see it dress older lady, with bag, shoes or for example skirt.

All the snake species are represented in their own natural colors and beautiful designs and this spring will bring colored snake skin, most handbags, jeans and footwear.

Younger people like to have have this design in tight jeans and tops, biker jackets and boots and dyed to bright, acid colors
In the jewelry the spring brings all different kinds of bracelets and wrist bands made of snake skin and in color, of course!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bedtime Story

Some time you find something very touching...
My childish mind was flying when watching this.
I hope you enjoy too!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Color palette for Spring

First I must say that this interior and decoration style is not exactly to my taste, but I love the colors. Different tones of turquoise, in different texture combined with a hint of brownish orange looks very tempting.
These color combinations are as well seen in interior coloring as coming spring and summer fashion collections.
Turquoise, white and orange tones are perfect with sun tanned skin.

klik the picture

Turquoise Lover

As you may have noticed, I have some kind of love affair going on with this powerful color turquoise.
Since my home have been many years neutral colored with white, brown and black, I now have stirring turquoise spots every where.
It all started last spring from pillows. I wanted to make something to brighten up the living room after the long dark winter and make it very easily and quickly.
I could not make my mind what would be the color, I only had decided that for this spring it will be some kind of COLOR!
I went to fabric store with out any specific in my mind and there my eyes catched a table where was side by side chocolate brown and some turquoise rolls of fabric in different shades. I must say it was love at first sight.
So, now I have pillows, pots, stools, frames, covers etc. turquoise colored and it really refresh the house. Turquoise is great color to combine almost with any color, and it loves brown, orange, white and blue.

Here some of my hand crafted turquoise objects, most of them are now in my workshop.

klik the picture

Friday, March 02, 2012

Word for Weekend

Last day, 29th of February we have here in Finland very old custom: on that day single ladies are aloud to propose single men.
If man says: I will, it is a beginning of new everlasting love story, but if man dares to say: no, he must buy beautiful fabric for skirt to this lady he has refused.

Lovely Weekend!

Weekend graft

I have found out that beautiful, well made shoes must be never thrown or given away especially if the colour is black. Someday I think that I'm never going to wear that pair of shoes again, they are dull and so out of fashion. Due to experience I know that the day comes when I put whole house upside down looking for exactly that "pair of shoes". Many times I have been so unsatisfied with myself, that now I have far too many pairs of black shoes.
Then sometimes comes those shoe-inspiration-days when old black shoes are needed. Yesterday was one of them and I want now to share this, may I say fancy idea with you.

You need a pair of shoes, they can be flat or high heel, as long as they have this little edge at the bottom of the shoe. And of course the colour is up to you, all colours are suitable.

klik > bigger

Then you need some chain, any colour, but width of the chain should not be wider than the shoe edge.
Tongs are needed and glue too. I, myself, used hot glue, but if you want more safer attachment it's better to use superglue.
Measure the length you want for the chain and cut lengths. Glue the chain first to the tip of the shoe and continue to the both sides.

klik > bigger

Here are my new edgy black basics ready for the spring!

PS. Why not try this chain decoration to the heel of the shoe?