Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Imagination

The most powerful thing we have is the imagination, don´t let that power fade away.
When we are toddles, we have no limits at all to our creativity.
Toddles can see and find thing that adults are not able to notice any more.
If we give ourselves permission to be open minded and little childish, we might find the magic world again.

Here two easy rehearsal to practice!

These fantastic insights and more can be find from: marcjohns.com

Friday, April 20, 2012

The First of May

It is coming again, The First of May. Here in Finland it´s the one and only carnival we have 
during the year. It is the celebration of spring, undergraduates and workers, thus carnival to every one!
In First of May, "Vappu" as we call it, we normally so quiet and well-mannered Finnish, like to sing,
drink and come together to the streets and town squares. "Vappu" is very colorful carnival
every where you can see lot of balloons, streamers and funny masks.
People use also their white graduate hats and we even give look a like ones to the statues of the town.
Celebration begins on the eve and continue the hole next day, the first of May.
Then we come together with our friends to have long lasting lunch with lot of champagne.

Here I have styled my taste of outfits to use during The "Vappu".
The idea is how the accessory colors changes the look and feeling.
For me it is important to invest good quality in clothes shoes and bags,witch stand the test of time.
In accessories like jewelry I choose not expensive alternatives to give the latest appearance.
Inexpensive accessories don´t brake my hard even I  use then only ones.

Leather Jacket: CARVEN, mytheresa.com
Dress: MARC JACOBS, mytheresa.com
Scarf: ATHENA PROCOPIOU, net-a-porter.com
Bag: JIL SANDER, mytheresa.com
Mules: MIU MIU, net-a-porter
Ballerinas: ROGER VIVIER, mytheresa.com
Sandals: MARC JACOBS, net-a-porter.com
Sunglasses: MIU MIU, net-a-porter.com
Red earrings: DANNIJO, stylebop.com
Pink earrings: TOM BINNS, net-a-porter.com
Bracelets: ISABEL MARANT, net-a-porter.com

Leather Jacket: CARVEN, mytheresa.com
Maxi Skirt: RICK OWENS, net-a-porter.com
Top: ZADIG, zadig-et-voltaire.com
Scarf: DOSA, aloharag.com
Heels: YVES SAINT LAURENT, net-a-porter.com
Vedges: OSCAR DE LA RENTA, net-a-porter.com
Clutch: GIVENCHY, mytheresa.com
Earrings: DIANE KORDAS, net-a-porter.com
Sunglasses: LINDA FARROW, brownsfashion.com
Necklace: TOVA JEWELRY, endless.com
Bracelet: STRAND BRACELET, shop.motilo.com
Nails: NAILS.INC, www.vogue.com

Leather Jacket: CARVEN, mytheresa.com
Dress: MARC JACOBS, mytheresa.com
Heels: ALEXANDRE BIRMAN, net-a-porter.com
Scarf: ÈPICE, mytheresa.com
Bag: ANYA HINDMARCH, stylebop.com
Envelope Bag: I.CCO, tobi.com
Earrings with stones: JOANNA LAURA COSTANTINE, endless.com
Earrings: TRINA TURK, endless.com
Sunglasses: THE ROW, net-a-porter
Flats: ROGER VIVIER, mytheresa.com
Nails: DOLCE&GABBANA, vogue.com

Leather Jacket: CARVEN, mytheresa.com
Maxi Skirt: RICK OWENS, net-a-porter.com
Top: TEMPERLY, temperleylondon.com
Heels: YVES SAINT LAURENT, net-a-porter.com
Bag: VICTORIA BECKHAM, mytheresa.com
Scarf: DOSA, aloharag.com
Fan: LA MORENITA, luisaviaroma.com
Earrings: KATE SPADE, endless.com
Sunglasses: LINDA FARROW, brownsfashion.com
Bracelet: R.J.GRAZIANO, stylebop.com
Ring: I.CCO, tobi.com
Nails: ZOYA, vogue.com

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What´s up in Denim?

Denim, the all time favorite is once again very much in fashion this spring.
Jeans, shirts, jackets and shorts made of indigo dyed denim or chambray are not only for young generation.
Now older, more classic style ladies, have found this way to dress up. They use they jeans or shirts with blazers
Chanel type of jackets and of course with high heels and dashing jewelry.

Worn out, washed and ragged loose fitting boyfriend jeans are the look this spring in denim.
These are the jeans that you can combine with any other garment
and with right accessories you can use then as well in every day than in awesome parties.
Thigh fitting jeans are seen somewhat, but more in colored or printed stretch materials.
And that is an other story, witch more later.

In this summer the right length of the jeans is down to the angle.
The bottom of the leg can be for example raw cut and very worn out looking.
Long out been turn-ups are very suitable now.

Almost must is to wear jeans with high heels or wedges.
Now the heels and wedges are largely the eye-catchers, that decorated, colorful and fantastic the styles are.
Particularly heels give the new feminine touch that create interesting edge
when wearing e.g. with worn-look destroyed jeans.

Destroyed, vintage made shorts seems to be also next summer favorite to young people.
This is a fashion witch requires long and skinny legs.
Platform and high heels shoes helps a lot, but first look to the mirror, how is the shape?

Excellent basic garment to have is the jeans shirt, witch you can find many different alternatives to choose.
It can be made of light indigo stretch denim, lovely to wear or light, cotton, indigo chambray.
And in addition the great, basic shirt, there are big variation of styles.

Every closet should have one basic jeans jacket.
The classic style is great to combine with all your other garments, to have relaxed and up-to-date look.
Now there are many alternatives on styles, qualities, lengths and washing to find right style just for you.

photos via: style.comnmrkt.comthemannequinmuse.comnet-a-porter.commytheresa.comstylebop.comtopshop.comjbrandjeans.com

Have a Great Blue Summer!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Red Room

There are some basic interior colors that are effortless to tune, decorate to totally new look. 
All white and all grey interiors are simple and easy to appear very new
for example by changing colors of the chairs, doors, pillows, etc.
New effect maybe neon color clock, lamp, mirror or armchair,
and the room looks totally new and of course the most important, it refresh our mind and life.

Here I have collected some ideas of red to create new look for a white or grey colored interior.
Especially this color combination is most lovely for the summer house.

interior photo via: cloudfront.net

Clock, cb2.com
Set Of Four Glasses, direct-d-sign.com
Photo Holder, cb2.com
Coat Rack, cb2.com

interior photo via: frenchbydesign.blogspot.com

Formosa Clover Tray Table, cb2.com
Chaise adulte Rétro Suzie Vichy, kraft-decoline.com
Knitted Blood Bouf, cb2.com
Endless Loop Bed, cb2.com
Baja Red Bench, cb2.com

photo via: skonahem.com

Roberts Revival Radio, remodelista.com
Button-up Red Pillow, cb2.com
Saarinen Womb Chair, knoll.com
Club Piping Chair, cb2.com
Red Wall Bookshelf, cb2.com
Lava Burnt Rug, cb2.com

interior photo via: vosgesparis.blogspot.com/

Swingline Stapler, remodelista.com
Pantone Notebook, remodelista.com
Empire Table Cloth, ancientindustries.co.uk
Red Travel Alarm Clock, remodelista.com
Dandy Glass Pitcher, barneys.com
Marimekko bedding, marimekko.com

photo via: skonahem.com

Romantic Summer House 

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Greetings

photo via: improvisedlife.com

I hope you have nice, hopeful, relaxing Easter full of light!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Needed !

photo via: apartmenttherapy.com

This is what I really would like to have just now!  Family is getting together for the Easter time
and this would be the most comfortable way to accommodate some of them. 
And altogether this is so great looking furniture like this! I am also infatuated to it´s gorgeous green color. 
I would like to have this to my studio, just open the belts and having enjoyable nap.

Buckle Up Fresh Futon at target.com

My Style

All my life, one of my favorite garment has been the jeans.
There is no other garment that is so multipurpose. You can wear them weather you are young or old.
Jeans suit as well weekdays as the parties. It all depends what accessories to wear with them.
There are thousands of styles and fittings not to mention variation of colors, prints and washing,
that every one should find her favorite.
Here is on of mine, same jeans to wear weekday and the party.

1. Boyfriend Style Jeans, front of legs printed, MARNI, marni.com
2. Rave T-shirt, MODEKUNGEN, modekungen.se
3. Rosalie stretch-lace Tank, ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT, net-a-porter.com
4. Carmen Scarf, ATHENA PROCOPIOU, net-a-porter.com
5. Swarovski Crystal Earrings, BIJOUX HEART, net-a-porter.com
6. Lemtosh Black, MOSCOT, moscot.com
7. Hat With Net Overlay, JIL SANDER, mytheresa.com
8. Silver & Crystal Raleigh Drop Earrings, FENTON, barneys.com
9. Crystal Bow Bracelet, MIU MIU, net-a-porter.com
10. Medallion Bracelet, ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, aloharag.com
11. Chanel Bag Silver, CHANEL, chanelsalesonlineoutlet.com
12. Sling Back Flats, JENNI KAYNE, shopbop.com
13. Woven Espadrille, CARVEN X ROBERT CLERGERIE, barneys.com
14. Sara Pony Print Bag, DESMO, luisaviaroma.com

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring tones

photo via: design-seeds.com

I like this first color palette of the spring. We have till snow here and there, more dusty white than bright and clean.
Leafless trees are grey like graphic drawing against the light grey sky.
In the garden, near the house, where sun is able to shine, first greens are climbing up from the ground.
The spring is rapid time, you must be awake and active if you want to see all growth miracles of the nature.