Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Style Army

First I must apologize my absence.
This time of the year I just love to be out, work in the garden and take long walks with my dog in the forest.
This is the time to enjoy of the light, see all the plants growing and take a big breath of the smells of the spring.
Yes, I have been loading my batteries for the coming cold, dark winter.
I have taken many photos and you will soon see some pics of my garden and house.

Soon the real summer is here and lot of happenings around the country, festivals and concerts.
It is always difficult to choose what to wear if the happening is held outside.
You never know how the weather will turn.

My advise is MAKE IT ARMY!
Take care that you have waterproof jacket, wellies, warm sweater and one extra pair of jeans.

Here is my style for festival summer.

Cure Snood: ALLSAINTS,
Green Jumper: TOPSHOP, 
Sunnies: ILLESTEVA, 
Army Jacket: MODEKUNGEN, 
Leather Belt: LANVIN,
Bug-print Top: NAPKIN,
Leather Shorts: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM,
Boyfriend Jeans: CURRENT/ ELLIOTT,
Shibori Bag: ALLSAINTS, 
Biker Wellies: HUNTER,
Studded Slippers: VECTRA4, 
Sandals: GIVENCHY,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Round Sunnies

The absolute winner this season are the round shape sunglasses! 
No matter what you wear, they certainly make a statement.
You can find them in a crazy colors and frames made of tortoise or even wood.
They can be baroque style or the same shape and size than John Lennon used to have back 70´s.
The mirrored ones are the trendiest at the moment.


Self-confidence and stylish men enhance their attitude having round sunglasses .
The man in the picture is wearing wooden frames and tree frame styles beside him are also made of wood. 


Some celebrities using round sunnies:
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Monday, May 07, 2012

Pale Pastels

In the world of jeans has many stories to tell this summer.
One of them is those feminine, pale pastels that are very much seen on streets.
I must admit that those shades are not my colors, but they are very well come indeed after long, dark winter. 

Just give some ideas I have made here three different ways to dress pastel jeans, have fun!

We are sailing ...

I`m just a girl ...

Rock it ...

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Tip of The Day

Those long, hot summer days are almost here.
It is time to delve the wardrobe and instead throwing most of then away,
here is one cool way to renewal old jeans shirt or any other shirt with sleeves.
Cut away piece from the sleeve, upper arm, just where the sleeve is attached to the body.
You can leave the cutting edge like that, raw  or sew it, or finalize it by some cute ribbon or lace.
Old sweaters get also totally new look by this "hole punching".
Think up some other places to punch, may be at the middle of the back?
Ok, these cool cloths can be bought also, if you are unsure with scissors.

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