Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Box

It is almost only month to Christmas, it time to start make beautiful present to our Love Ones.
I have always been more interested to make lovely packages than what´s inside.
Now before Christmas I will introduce to you some of my most beautiful and most easiest way to make my Christmas presents.
This first one is very easy to do with your printer. Take little heavier paper and fill the form with color or pattern you like and print it out. Cut and tie with cute ribbon.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Beanie Babe


I welcome the fashion that brings back once again Beanies and especially Pom Pom Beanies.
Gloomy winter time needs all the whimsy, so we manage over it, to the next warm summer.
I can assure you that the day begins with a smile when you put your head a bobble hat.
Above all, Beanie warms on cold and windy winter weather, it prevents from getting flu,
and it is now the most fashionable accessory. 

In Christmas time it is acceptable and even recommended to wear 
I did a study where to find the coolest hats.
Here are the results:


In Christmas time it is acceptable and even recommended to wear colorful,
funny pom pom beanie to show merry Christmas Spirit! 


It is worth noting that many of the well-known, classic fashion houses have beanies in winter collections.
Styles and color more subdued and so suitable for more mature.


Cuddly additional accessory all year round, especially in "bad hair day".
And what a superb Christmas Gift idea!

pics:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If you are once and for all smitten to Pom Poms, here is funny and cozy way to keep them close!
You find these lovely pillows from Yellow Velvet,  and if you have time these are easy to do for example for a gift.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Seeing Dots ...

Yes, polka dots are "spotted" every where.
In New York, Paris, London, Milan and not only in the fashion main cities
but I mean EVERY WHERE.
I think, this is pattern that you either love it or hate it.
It is almost impossible to be neutral with it.
I like it, but only when its white dots on black.
It´s not only clothes that dots have taken over.
How about to live surrounded with polka dot wallpapers or rest on dotted sofa?
No, it´s not too much, for a short while.

I really love this picture !

Here´s my collection of some juicy dots!

Polka dots have been here for ever.
Sometimes pattern have been sign of totally bad taste
and then next season it´s  the most fashionable thing.

And it´s not going to end to this season.
Dots are even getting better to next Spring 2013. 
Here the most beautiful samples, designer Adelina Ivan, Berlin.

This is great idea: polka dot stickers to your bike! Why not decorate the car?

Polka Dots and home decoration is the endless story. Just take a pick.

Fun it is! Dots make you smile.

And last but not least, my favorite from Anthropologie: