Friday, November 29, 2013

Time For Linen & Red

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Monday, September 02, 2013

My Style

After hot summer days it is really pleasant to dress again. 
I was already tired of shorts and a T-shirt appearance, even if that style is the most convenient.
In these latitudes, the climate starts to cool down in September, and layers of clothing must be added.
For the fall woman needs at least one pair of perfect jeans.
Either a form-fitting leather jacket and / or a short wool jacket.
A good-sized bag is an absolute right, at least for me, and of course the low foot-friendly shoes.
In addition a bit of warmth with gold colored jewelry. 

Peplum Plaid Shirt: Sea NY
Scaled Triangle Drop Earrings: Eddie Borgo
Runway Jacket: Marni
Blue Slouchy Leather Band Jeans: Each x Other
Twisted Cone Ring: Jennifer Fisher
Logo Plague Tote: Dolce & Gabbana
Calfskin Angle Shoes: Marni

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Of Burgundy

It is the Autumn Color.
Burgundy, from wine red to aubergine. 
Color has in it the heat and softness
that warms in the cold autumn.
How ever, it comes year after year in fashion
and it always looks new by taking new forms.
Mix of fabrics, new prints, unexpected materials
and love it again!

Floral Plouse: Marni
Skirt: Roksanda Ilincic
Pumps: Tabitha Simmons
Booties: Lanvin
Bag: Loeffler Randall
Angle booties: Daniele Michetti
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Leather Bracelet: Valentino
Clip on Earrings: Marni Edition
Sofa: Méridienne
Cabinet: Crate&Barrel
Cushion: Jean Paul Gaultier
Door Knop: Anthropologie
Sweater: McQ Alexander McQueen
Leather Trousers: Ganni
Scarf: Burberry Prorsum
Eyewear: Katen Walker

Most of all I welcome dark burgundy - aubergine shades
to renew interior coloring. 
Best of all it is when combined with grey.
After so many years of white-white interiors,
I just love these shadowy, relaxing colors,
this soft nightly atmosphere.

via: Creamylife

One of the best accent color to burgundy shades is ocher yellow tones. 

via: design-seeds

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pink and Punk

It´s time to put some "punk" to our outlook.

It's time to blow up the wardrobe
and see what strange sets can be put together.
It is time for sales and we can enjoy free shopping
without a waste of money.
In the summer, especially on holiday
we can put a formal selves hidden in to the cabinet
and try something new, wild and mad.
Here my choices from the Sales:

Biginitop: Topshop
Coat: Topshop
Headband: Topshop
Necklace: Joomi Lin
Shorts: Topshop
Leggins: Topshop
Bondage sandals: Tom Ford
Trucker hat: Topshop
Sunnies: Anna Karin Karlsson
Studded boots: Topshop
White shorts: All Saints

Joggers: Fluro
Beanie: Topshop
Boots: Topshop
Bomber jacket: Topshop
Sweater: Wildfox
Trainers: Jeffrey Campbell
Crop top: Sick Girl
Necklace: Vivienne WestWood
Earrings: Pamela Love
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FASHION NOTES: Animal like

 Through history animal furs have been generally expensive and considered exotic,
hence animal prints are a symbol of wealth and status. 
In my culture in the past animal patterns were only popular with old ladies,
among the ladies who wanted to look sexier and younger age. Besides animal designs were considered to indicate imprudence and bad taste.
Times have been changed. In fashion animal prints became popular and desirable
in late 1960´s in the United States during the Bohemian movement.
Did the rebellion and the desire to irritate create the fashion which continues season after season.
It lives, change shape, its colors, and always find new areas to be filled.
During some seasons, animal designs are featured in almost every designer collection
and I can not remember the season when it would have been completely out of fashion.
Do we miss the lost coat, or do we desire primitive, wild touch into our being.
Do we want to be one with the nature, or have we just noticed
that the most beautiful patterns are created by the nature.

Here some pics of this seasons products and most of them are now in sale!
This fashion you should buy it returns every season.

sneakers, shoes, t-shirt, skirt, bag, shoes,

blazer, sunnies, shirt, slippers,

shorts, crossbody bag

We don´t only wear animals creations, we decorate our homes
and the most important stuff with animal patterns.

melamine platetapestry pillowgiraffe

zebra rug 

All over the streets of the cities we see each other tastier implementations of this style.

Some pics for me made of coming Autumn´s collections, all ready in shops.

mini satchel, blanket, tiger print jeans,
tiger bunny clip, wool sweater

I LOVE Katie Eary´s men´s collection for coming spring 2014!
I would like have them all most all, please women´s sizes! / katie eary

Australian designer Josh Goot has been one of my favorite
and his next spring 2014 Resort Collection is GREAT.
He has added animal pattern just perfect and Minimalist, sleek
and perfect possibility to combine garments.
Especially I love his "bra-top" that you wear over any dress!

all pics:

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Summer Saints

Hello my friends!
I've been missing because I'm renovating our boat for the summer boating.
But here we are again.
I watched one of my favorite e-shop collection All Saints
and I found quite a nice package in mind for your summer holiday.
Easy and versatile, suitable for all kinds of events and changes in weather.
Head-on summer adventures !

     All pics from All Saints

Sunday, April 21, 2013


If we are talking about ongoing spring and it´s collections,
I have to go back and mention Cédric Charlier.
I was impressed by his Ready-To-Wear collection for this spring,
sporty, boyish and wearable.
Cédric Charlier was the former creative director of Cacharel, 
now works as an signature designer. 
Cédric Charlier’s collection is minimalist design mostly and mostly white.
It exudes the same clean lines as, for example Jil Sander collections.
The collection does not undertake any age,
the last touch to the creation comes according to the user.
Here are a few snapshots of the Spring 2013 collection:

   all pics:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Color Play

I live in a country where most of the year is almost dark,
but three short months, the summer is of continuous light. 
That is why we Scandinavians love the clean, bright colors and white.
We Scandinavians also share a love of nature and playful, child like mind.
Soft values ​​of openness and individuality are the things that are important to us.
Delighted at the beginning of the summer light,
I collected some colorful tidbits of Scandinavian design.

Watch Me Watch: Normann Copenhagen
Handbag: Svenskt Tenn
Tea Towels: Marimekko
Candel Stick: Aarikka
Bau Lamp: Normann Copenhagen
Poni: Studio Eero Aarnio
Bulky Teapot: Muuto
Kivet Pillow: Marimekko
Cosmetic purse: Ting

 All pics: MARIMEKKO

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Made Of Wood

CH28 Chair

Handmade armchair manufactured in Denmark 1952nd. Stand in solid oak wood,
seat and back in walnut veneer and the armrests in walnut.
Hans J. Wegner was born in 1914 in Tonder, Denmark. 
Educated both architect 
and furniture designer, he counts as one of Denmark's most important in the field.
Wegner has designed over 500 chair models and is often called "the chair's champion".
He died in the winter of 2007, but many of his works live on for years to come.

Butterfly Chair

Sori Yanagi designed this stool in 1954. The technique of shaping plywood,
melts beautifully with the oriental feel of the chair.
When you see the shape is the name choice was obvious.
Sori Yanagi was born in 1915 in Tokyo, Japan and is one of the most famous product designers in Japan.
After World War II, he designed many products: furniture, three-wheeled vehicles,
Olympic cauldrons, pedestrian overpasses, etc. 
Butterfly Stool is one of the most famous pieces of furniture and was announced in 1956.

Ginko Chair

The leaves of the Ginko plant, transformed into a chair.
A beautifully bend shell in veneer fastened on a three-legged frame.
Designed by Ernst & Jensen, Anne-Mette Bartolini Jensen and Morten Ernst.
Furniture architects based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Graduated from the Royal danish Academy of Architecture,
departement of furniture and spacial design, 1997-98.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Inspiration Woodpecker

Spring has finally arrived and the light.
Little by little migratory birds start to return and behind the window is a polyphonic concert.
Early in the morning of his existence informs the woodpecker.
Loud ticking sound resounds, as it banging with her beak street lamp.
The best way to inform others that this is his territories.
Beautiful, tall black and white bird, decorated with some of red feathers.
I wanted to copy this handsome bird outfit.


Every Day Woodpecker. Style for style shopping, study, work, weekend ...
Red-White-Black is fresh edgy combination and great to combine.
Slim cut leather jeans to wear with flared mini skirt.
Long, loose fitting jumper and white striped leather jacket.

1. Sunglasses: Illesteva
2. Jacket: Each x Other
3. Knitted Jumper: Topshop
4. Skirt: Hervé Léger
5. Leather leggins: Joseph
6. Bag, Miu Miu
7. Sneakers: Nike
8. Bracelet: Sonia Rykiel
9. Bracelet: Marni

For more demanding events and evening parties is selected birdlike tailcoat.
Slim trouser and eye-catching skirt full of red roses.
White top is decorated with silk ribbon embroidery and has nice folklore feling.
Large imposing jewelry is must.

1. Earrings: Fenton
2. Tuxedo jacket: Prabal Gurung
3. Bow embellished pants: Miu Miu
4. Organza mini skirt: Chicwish
5. Floria Top: Temperly London
6. Boots: Topshop
7. Bracelet: Venessa Arizaga
8. Necklace: Venessa Arizaga

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Time !

I wish you happy and relaxing Easter time!
Enjoy sunny days and the early spring light.
Get together with friends or family and give them your time.

Here the last minute graft, splatter-painted easter eggs !

pic:http: improvisedlife

Friday, March 22, 2013


Seungji MunProduct Design, Furniture Design.

Talented young designer has already has been recognized in several international competitions
and for good reason.
His designs are fresh in a new way. Creations are practical, they have humor and joy of life. 
Products that make up the owner's personal image,
and the world, and not just an impressive design home.
I especially fell in love with this chair series called: Four Brothers.

The idea in this new design was that all pieces of wooden plate can work for function of the chair.
So, this design does not make wastage of material.
This design enables to make 4 chairs by using not only one design but also four designs.

‘Four Brothers’ is eco-friendly composed of material to working process
and only use conventional techniques to realize this project.
I am especially fond of these chairs, simple, well-balanced graphic lines
and the point-blank form.

all pics:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deja Blue ...

Blue and all shades of it has been the outcast on my color card for a long time.
Years I had nothing else blue than jeans.
The blue color was repulsive and just because throughout the play age
and first school years I had always navy blue clothes.
We did not have school uniforms but my mom thought that blue is classic practical color.

But now after long long time at last I have found again the mysterious beautiful color blue
and and all its spectacular shades of it.

Deja Blue Interior

Deja Blue My Style

Pics and more information:
Earrings, Trousers, Shoes, SocksJacket, Shirt, Bag, Sunnies, Scarf 

Deja Blue Things

Overdyed rope dog leash.
Unique, hand felted slippers.
DIY: Dip-dye white towels with mid night blue
Taika magic blue espresso cup.
The Archie Grand Conversation Candle.
Gorgeous soft blue armchair.
Mixed print teaspoon set.
Blue lemonade wall clock.
Blue dots tray.
City blue/white bed blanket.
Sea blue colored Brick pillow.
DIY: Last but not least, paint the stairs and some other blue ideas!

Deja Blue Diy

pic: browndresswithwhitedots

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Starry Starry Night ...

Some signs are more important than others.
And there are times when they are more important than in the past.
In general, the star is seen as a sign of Christmas or at least a pattern assigned to winter.
To me, star is sign of light and here in the northern sky
we can see now a gorgeous star pattern.
I hart now all clothes and accessories with star pattern.
I made star shape stamp and renew my grey-dip-dye tunic by stamping it full of black stars.
Next I´ll stamp stars to my grey scarf and golden stars to my light white curtains.

     Pics: Bracelet, Bag, Ring, Scarf, Pullover, Sweater, Shoes, Earrings


     All Star Things:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Orange Day

If I look outside it´s still winter, but there is already spring fragrance.
Light increases, and everywhere is a hint of awakening.
Every spring, I wonder how the colors begin to live new way in thoughts.
Blue-grays of winter begin to disappear and will be replaced by sunny, bright, warm colors.
This spring, the two colors in my mind are above all others,
one is orange and the other green.
From everywhere my eyes grabs the most tastiest clothes,
objects, furniture, lighting, decorations
- all in this energetic color orange.
Take a look to my Pinterest and collection Orange
and you find out my this spring obsession.
Orange is the color that easily, even with small pieces
can spice up the appearance as well as your apartment.

     pics: Bobble HatBra, Briefs, Shoes, Bag, Bag, Lip PaintWatch, Boots,
             Scarf, Skirt, Pouch

       pics: Table, Holy Mary, Bin, Chair, Lamp, Lounge Chair, Pitcher, Cloth, Sticker, Shelf