Thursday, February 21, 2013

Starry Starry Night ...

Some signs are more important than others.
And there are times when they are more important than in the past.
In general, the star is seen as a sign of Christmas or at least a pattern assigned to winter.
To me, star is sign of light and here in the northern sky
we can see now a gorgeous star pattern.
I hart now all clothes and accessories with star pattern.
I made star shape stamp and renew my grey-dip-dye tunic by stamping it full of black stars.
Next I´ll stamp stars to my grey scarf and golden stars to my light white curtains.

     Pics: Bracelet, Bag, Ring, Scarf, Pullover, Sweater, Shoes, Earrings


     All Star Things:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Orange Day

If I look outside it´s still winter, but there is already spring fragrance.
Light increases, and everywhere is a hint of awakening.
Every spring, I wonder how the colors begin to live new way in thoughts.
Blue-grays of winter begin to disappear and will be replaced by sunny, bright, warm colors.
This spring, the two colors in my mind are above all others,
one is orange and the other green.
From everywhere my eyes grabs the most tastiest clothes,
objects, furniture, lighting, decorations
- all in this energetic color orange.
Take a look to my Pinterest and collection Orange
and you find out my this spring obsession.
Orange is the color that easily, even with small pieces
can spice up the appearance as well as your apartment.

     pics: Bobble HatBra, Briefs, Shoes, Bag, Bag, Lip PaintWatch, Boots,
             Scarf, Skirt, Pouch

       pics: Table, Holy Mary, Bin, Chair, Lamp, Lounge Chair, Pitcher, Cloth, Sticker, Shelf

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine´s Day

Valentine´s Day Diy

Today is Valentine´s Day.
It is time to do "do it your self - gift" to your Valentine.
Even a beginner is successful in this craft.
Take to bricks, to plastic animal ( maybe heart ) shape toys or decor, glue and spray paint.
Glue the animals on the bricks and spray with our favorite color:
Valentine pink, gold, I prefer turquoise.
Let dry and your lovely and heavy gift is ready!
If you want to be perfect,
buy a book that you know he or she would love to have, between the ends.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Tina, Tina ....

To day I HART Tina.
Great Lady.
Great Voice.
Great Attitude.
Great Legs.



Saturday, February 02, 2013

Copy this style ...

I’ve always been attracted to simple, casual boyish style.
Rough, rugged and somewhat feminine style is nice and works in every situation
I would certainly feel most comfortable in this "armor"!
Jeans are the best and worn out, quality Leather Jacket.
And of course pair or two of nice feeling boots.

  Pic: style-spot.blogspot

And here is my version of the style:

   pics: ring, necklacejeans, shirt, tank top, bootsleather jacket