Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Time !

I wish you happy and relaxing Easter time!
Enjoy sunny days and the early spring light.
Get together with friends or family and give them your time.

Here the last minute graft, splatter-painted easter eggs !

pic:http: improvisedlife

Friday, March 22, 2013


Seungji MunProduct Design, Furniture Design.

Talented young designer has already has been recognized in several international competitions
and for good reason.
His designs are fresh in a new way. Creations are practical, they have humor and joy of life. 
Products that make up the owner's personal image,
and the world, and not just an impressive design home.
I especially fell in love with this chair series called: Four Brothers.

The idea in this new design was that all pieces of wooden plate can work for function of the chair.
So, this design does not make wastage of material.
This design enables to make 4 chairs by using not only one design but also four designs.

‘Four Brothers’ is eco-friendly composed of material to working process
and only use conventional techniques to realize this project.
I am especially fond of these chairs, simple, well-balanced graphic lines
and the point-blank form.

all pics:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deja Blue ...

Blue and all shades of it has been the outcast on my color card for a long time.
Years I had nothing else blue than jeans.
The blue color was repulsive and just because throughout the play age
and first school years I had always navy blue clothes.
We did not have school uniforms but my mom thought that blue is classic practical color.

But now after long long time at last I have found again the mysterious beautiful color blue
and and all its spectacular shades of it.

Deja Blue Interior

Deja Blue My Style

Pics and more information:
Earrings, Trousers, Shoes, SocksJacket, Shirt, Bag, Sunnies, Scarf 

Deja Blue Things

Overdyed rope dog leash.
Unique, hand felted slippers.
DIY: Dip-dye white towels with mid night blue
Taika magic blue espresso cup.
The Archie Grand Conversation Candle.
Gorgeous soft blue armchair.
Mixed print teaspoon set.
Blue lemonade wall clock.
Blue dots tray.
City blue/white bed blanket.
Sea blue colored Brick pillow.
DIY: Last but not least, paint the stairs and some other blue ideas!

Deja Blue Diy

pic: browndresswithwhitedots