Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FASHION NOTES: Animal like

 Through history animal furs have been generally expensive and considered exotic,
hence animal prints are a symbol of wealth and status. 
In my culture in the past animal patterns were only popular with old ladies,
among the ladies who wanted to look sexier and younger age. Besides animal designs were considered to indicate imprudence and bad taste.
Times have been changed. In fashion animal prints became popular and desirable
in late 1960´s in the United States during the Bohemian movement.
Did the rebellion and the desire to irritate create the fashion which continues season after season.
It lives, change shape, its colors, and always find new areas to be filled.
During some seasons, animal designs are featured in almost every designer collection
and I can not remember the season when it would have been completely out of fashion.
Do we miss the lost coat, or do we desire primitive, wild touch into our being.
Do we want to be one with the nature, or have we just noticed
that the most beautiful patterns are created by the nature.

Here some pics of this seasons products and most of them are now in sale!
This fashion you should buy it returns every season.

sneakers, shoes, t-shirt, skirt, bag, shoes,

blazer, sunnies, shirt, slippers,

shorts, crossbody bag

We don´t only wear animals creations, we decorate our homes
and the most important stuff with animal patterns.

melamine platetapestry pillowgiraffe

zebra rug 

All over the streets of the cities we see each other tastier implementations of this style.


Some pics for me made of coming Autumn´s collections, all ready in shops.

mini satchel, blanket, tiger print jeans,
tiger bunny clip, wool sweater

I LOVE Katie Eary´s men´s collection for coming spring 2014!
I would like have them all most all, please women´s sizes!

wwd.com / katie eary

Australian designer Josh Goot has been one of my favorite
and his next spring 2014 Resort Collection is GREAT.
He has added animal pattern just perfect and Minimalist, sleek
and perfect possibility to combine garments.
Especially I love his "bra-top" that you wear over any dress!

all pics: style.com