Sunday, November 02, 2014


My door window

I love print fabrics, t-shirts, jeans ...everything almost.
One of my favorite way to print is use stencils.
And it is very easy to do those stencil by oneself.
I have made my window decorations the monogram
this way and now I creating to do some Christmas motifs.

This is the way it goes:

1.You only need an idea, printer and transparencies (drawing film)
And of course you need the pc and program to create your ideas alive.
Sharp Stanly knife and printing color, witch depends on 
what kind of material you are printing on.
This case it is window glass and you need normal water-soluble paint
and white paper or wood glue.
A piece of of foam rubber to dab the color.

2. Print your creation.

3. Cut your print with sharp knife along out lines.

4. Mix together the paint and the glue (half and half I did),
pour a small amount at a time on a plate.

5. Attach the drawing film with masking tape.

6. Dab the color, remember to use very little amount of color
avoid the pleading under the film.

7. Remove carefully the film before the paint is dry.

Have Fun !