Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Handmade Christmas Greeting

It is once again the time of the Yuletide chore,
which is also fun but also causes a little stress.
Christmas Greetings brainstorming is fun,
but their processing to tens of cards is stressful.
This Christmas I found a lovely and easy idea
to make Christmas cards.
As a tiny Christmas Gift within the envelope ...
I would like to share it with you.

To do these You will need:
- blank cards
- sharp knife
- gold colored marker
- stiff felt
- star pattern
- scissors
- hole machine
- string or ribbon

Measure the size of the star design to cut right size lines.
Draw lightly on card the lines to cut open, there you place the star.
On the cut tape enter the well wishes.
And behind the card put your name. 

Cut the felt stars and and make a hole for the string.
Thread the star in its place.
Finally, put the card in an envelope.

There are many other beautiful
and natural look materials to make the star.
For example, of leather, of thin wood,
of aluminum sheet, or why not many plastic alternatives.
Very nice greeting is to prepare crocheting star or
even snow flake.

Happy and Peaceful Christmas Time.